Higher Degree Research Projects

HDR projects supervised by members of CEMS:

Judi Crane, “Performative Apects of Shakespeare’s Margaret of Anjou.”

Scott W. Dempsey, “The Transfer of Empire from Britain to England: A Study in Medieval and Early Modern Historical Argument.” ​

Charbel El-Khaissi, “The Historical Syntax of Definiteness in Late Aramaic​.”  

Fleur Goldthorpe, “British Women of the Portocracy: Port Wine Dinastias, Family, and Transcultural Lives, 1678–1855.”

Rhianne Grieve, “The Concept of Harmony in Early British Socialist Thought.”

Sarah Hodge, “A Fancy for the Past: Sartorial Historicism and Antiquarianism in Britain and France 1730-1870.”

Thomas Lalevee, “From Perfectibility to Progress, French Social Science c. 1780-1840.”

Lucy Matthews, “What’s mine is yours and what is yours is mine: Queer women adapting queer women, a PaR study of William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure and John Lyly’s Gallathea.

Luisa Moore, “Through the Artist’s Eye: John Austen’s Illustrated Hamlet.”

Kelly Peihopa, “Anne Boleyn’s Prison Literature: Reception, Circulation, Attribution.”

Emma Rayner, “Civility, and Emotion in Seventeenth-Century Writing.”

Julia Rodwell, “Digital Design for Cultural Collections: Digital Humanities, Art Curatorship, and Museology in the Emmerson Collection Online Exhibition Project.”

Barbara Taylor, ‘”If this be magic, let it be an art”: the Performance and Materiality of Magic in Shakespearean Romance.’

Hannah Upton, “Early Modern Women’s Marginalia in the British Library.”

Stephanie Wright, “French Imperialism and the Making of Underworld Beirut, c. 1863-1940.”