Grants and Publications



Dawson, Mark S., Australian Research Council Discovery Project, Living with Smallpox in Early Modern Britain (c.1580–1780 CE), ($182, 598.00). Read More

McIlvenna, Una, Australian Research Council Future Fellowship, Singing the News: Ballads as News Media in Europe and Australia, 1550-1920, ($980,909.00). Read More

Smith, Rosalind, Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Grant, (CI5), Time Layered Cultural Map of Australia: Advanced Techniques and Big Data, ($472,543.00). Read More

Smith, Rosalind, The Oxford Research Centre in Humanities (TORCH) Knowledge Exchange Innovation Fund,Reading the Room: Accessing Books in Heritage Spaces, (up to £5,000).


Moret-Miranda, karo. in-gr2ace: intersecting gender, race, religion, (dis)ability, colourism and emotions in Hildegard von Bingan’s Scivias, Gender Institute, Australian National University (AUD$2500); Lead-EMERGӔ, Leadership Emerging from Migration, Ethnicity, Race and Gender in Australia and the EU, Jean Monnet EU–Australia Centre of Excellence (€100.000).

Smith, Rosalind with Kathy Acheson, University of Waterloo, The Future of Research in Early Modern Marginalia, Canadian Social Science and Humanities Research Centre, Insight Grant 2022/23, (CA$92,506).




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