This large scale (1-1.5 million word) digital encyclopaedia on early modern women’s writing from the English Reformation to the Restoration will focus on writing by or attributed to women, written in or translated into English, in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Europe, and the Americas. The Encyclopaedia will create a living and expanding digital research environment that can adapt to new lines of inquiry and also be amended as new information comes to hand; provide coverage of six established chronological periods: Early Tudor (1526-1557), Elizabethan (1558-1603), Jacobean (1603-1625), Caroline (1625-1649), the English Civil War and Interregnum (1642-1660) and Restoration (1660-1686); undertake further broad categories of analysis, including the theoretical, material, geographical, generic, and the thematic. 



The project is led by Editors-in-Chief Rosalind Smith, at the Australian National University, and Patricia Pender, at the University of Newcastle, Australia, who together coordinate the Early Modern Women Research Network (EMWRN). Pender and Smith are assisted in this project by a group of section editors who are each responsible for a different section of the project, and who manage a team of scholars writing content for subsections and individual entries.